Flexible Manufacturing with 3D Printing: Streamlining Production Processes for the Future

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Efficiency: OECHSLER's Launch of a 3D Printing Online Ordering Platform

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OECHSLER AG, a renowned pioneer in the field of Additive Manufacturing, has unveiled an innovative online ordering system tailored to the evolving needs of the industry. This system empowers clients to place orders for 3D printed parts quickly and redefines the landscape of manufacturing by combining technology and convenience.

OECHSLER AG has been at the forefront of Additive Manufacturing, leveraging cutting-edge technology to turn concepts into reality. Considering today's need for fast production and the growing demand for smaller lot sizes, the company has taken a giant step by introducing the online ordering system. This system harnesses the advances of digitization and Additive Manufacturing and aligns them to meet clients' exact requirements.

At the heart of this transformation is the streamlined process. Clients can now effortlessly navigate to the OECHSLER 3D print shop, where they can upload their CAD files directly and place orders with unprecedented ease. This marks a significant departure from conventional manufacturing models, which often involve long waiting times and complicated ordering processes.

OECHSLER's 3D printing shop

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Order Process and Instant Quotation

Execution and Monitoring

Ability to Order Small Lots

Key Features and Benefits: Unveiling Efficiency

Instant quoting without extensive communication. This real-time pricing mechanism not only saves time, but also enables clients to make informed decisions quickly. In addition, effortless reordering of previous projects with consistent quality across multiple locations becomes a reality, saving time and effort.

Key Features and Benefits: Unveiling Efficiency

OECHSLER´s client receive real-time insights into the current production status of their ordered parts. This transparency helps track milestones, identify potential delays, and make informed decisions. In addition, AMFG software includes quality checks at every stage to ensure the final product meets desired standards. Clients can monitor these checks and have confidence in the quality of the end result. Clients can monitor the progress of their orders and plan their operations accordingly.

Key Features and Benefits: Unveiling Efficiency

Our online AM ordering shop has an outstanding USP: the ability to place orders starting at a lot size of just 1. Say goodbye to the days when you had to commit to large lot sizes for high-quality parts. Now you can effortlessly and conveniently price your products in development through our 100% automated platform and without sacrificing end product quality.

Conclusion: Embracing Manufacturing Transformation

The introduction of OECHSLER AG's online ordering system for 3D printed parts will reshape the manufacturing landscape. The software's comprehensive features streamline the process from order to delivery. It offers clients fast order placement in desired lot sizes, instant price quotes, real-time production insights and hassle-free delivery. The software embodies the essence of efficient modern manufacturing. OECHSLER AG is a pioneer in adapting the industry to the digital age, driving traditional manufacturing processes to new heights.

Visit OECHSLER's AM shop

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  • News 24.07.2023

Science Based Targets initiative

OECHSLER have committed to set a science-based target with the Science Based Targets initiative

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OECHSLER Satisfaction Survey 2022

OECHSLER reported 5.21 out of 6 overall satisfaction in 2023 satisfaction survey

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Introducing OECHSLER's Sustainable Milestone: A New PV Plant in Weissenburg!

OECHSLER installed new PV Plant in Weissenburg.

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OECHSLER AG Appoints Sales Expert to the Board

We welcome Raik Lüder to OECHSLER.

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Successful conclusion of fiscal year 2022

OECHSLER Group increases sales in the fiscal year 2022

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Open House 2023: From Prototype to Series Production

OECHSLER held its second annual Open House conference at its Additive Manufacturing facility in Germany.

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  • News 03.04.2023

OECHSLER and sauer product enter into cooperation and bundle actuator competence for the automotive industry

OECHSLER starts cooperation with Sauer Product to exploit growth opportunities in the global automotive segment.

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  • News 03.04.2023

Open Door at the brand new Clean Room in Ansbach, Germany

OECHSLER presents its newly built 460 sqm cleanroom to employees and students

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  • News 31.03.2023

TECHART unveils the GTstreet R Flyweight equipped with 3D printed seating pads from OECHSLER

Techart launches its first Flyweight car equipped with 3D printed seating pads from OECHSLER

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  • News 07.12.2022

OECHSLER intensifies partnership with HP and becomes part of the Digital Manufacturing Network

HP and OECHSLER build on previous partnerships to industrialize innovative products and scale powder-based volume production at OECHSLER.

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  • News 06.12.2022

OECHSLER significantly expands worldwide production capacities for medical products

Over the next two years, OECHSLER will be investing a mid-single-digit million euro range in the global expansion of new cleanroom space.

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  • News 05.10.2022

OECHSLER's 3D-printed backpack wins Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design Award "Best of the Best" in the category of design concept for 3D-printed backpack elements

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  • News 21.09.2022

OECHSLER AG appoints new Chief Financial Officer

Karl Ostler to become Chief Financial Officer of OECHSLER with effect from January 1, 2023.

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  • News 12.07.2022

OECHSLER significantly expands production capacity for one of the world’s largest polymer-based additive series productions

Extending Partnership with US additive manufacturing pioneer Carbon to expand AM production site in China

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  • News 13.06.2022

OECHSLER Group closes the financial year 2021 satisfactorily despite numerous crises and sets course for sustainable growth

OECHSLER has satisfactorily concluded financial year, which was strongly impacted by the Covid19-pandemic and rising raw material prices.

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  • News 03.06.2022

Additive Manufacturing Open House 2022

First-ever Additive Manufacturing event at OECHSLER's AM Hub in Brodswinden providing exclusive insights on development & production.

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  • News 02.06.2022

OECHSLER produces 3D-printed pads for new outdoor backpack from Jack Wolfskin in collaboration with Carbon

OECHSLER is relying on Carbons 3D printing technology to enter the additive series production of back pads for Jack Wolfskin backpacks.

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  • News 16.05.2022

OECHSLER honored with 'Best Managed Companies Award

Award for outstandingly managed medium-sized companies driving for strategy, productivity, innovation, culture, finance and governance.

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  • News 02.05.2022

OECHSLER expands additive manufacturing capacity in Germany and brings powder-based printing processes into series production

OECHSLER is expanding its additive manufacturing portfolio and establishes powder-based 3D-printing processes in series production.

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  • News 08.02.2022

OECHSLER and Vaude develop first fully recyclable outdoor backpack made of TPU monomer material

OECHSLER and German outdoor brand VAUDE decide to enter into a development partnership for sustainable outdoor backpacks.

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  • News 27.10.2021

OECHSLER enters series production of bicycle saddles using 3D printing

"Romin-Evo" saddle co-developed with Carbon and Specialized

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  • News 15.10.2021

OECHSLER is honored as one of the fastest growing companies in Bavaria

Award for economic stability and future viability

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  • News 30.07.2021

OECHSLER Group successfully concludes challenging 2020 business year

Innovative technologies set path for long-growth potentials

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  • News 25.11.2020

OECHSLER revolutionizes large-scale production of American football helmets with plastic-based 3D printing technology

From Prototype to mass production in 100 days

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OECHSLER ranks among the Top 50 "Strongest growing medium-sized companies 2020”

OECHSLER achieved an average company revenue growth of 11.5 % and thus occupies 38th place in the ranking

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  • News 19.06.2020

OECHSLER Group again achieves significant sales growth in 2019

Significant R&D investment with a focus on technological innovation

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  • News 08.06.2020

OECHSLER allies with industry leaders for industrial mass production of 3D printed parts

Strategic alliance with HP and BASF to expand digital manufacturing along the entire value chain

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  • News 15.05.2020

OECHSLER again awarded with 'Axia Best Managed Companies Award

OECHSLER again awarded with 'Axia Best Managed Companies Award

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  • News 03.06.2019

2018 another successful business year for the OECHSLER Group

2018 another successful business year for the OECHSLER Group

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