Supply Chain Management

Sustainability in OECHSLER's Supply Chain

At OECHSLER, we accept that we are part of the problem and are committed to becoming part of the solution. Sustainability is a key driver in our supply chain management, and we follow a comprehensive approach to managing relationships with our suppliers.

Policy Statement

The Foundation of a Successful Partnership

The Sustainability Policy Statement defines the minimum standards that all our suppliers must meet in terms of business ethics, environmental protection, resource conservation, human rights and social standards. We consider the recognition of our sustainability principles to be the basis for a successful partnership.

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Identification of Risks

OECHSLER's Sustainability Risk Filter

To identify risks, OECHSLER uses a dedicated sustainability risk filter that considers geographical, political and product-specific risks. To understand and develop the sustainability performance of identified suppliers, we use a supplier self-assessment on sustainability. The selected suppliers will receive an invitation to fill in the questionnaire.

Sustainability Questionnaire


Compliance with our Standards

Our aim is to identify risks in the supply chain at an early stage and to minimize or eliminate them through defined measures. To enforce compliance with our standards we reserve the right to audit our suppliers if we determine that they do not meet our sustainability requirements.


Trust and Transparency

Trust and transparency form the foundations of our business relationships. We highly value insights and feedback from our business partners, customers, and affected parties. To identify negative effects at an early stage, we have set up a procedure for handling complaints.

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Conflict Materials

Focus on Direct Suppliers

In politically unstable regions, minerals can finance the trade of armed groups and encourage human rights abuses. OECHSLER does not import raw materials but focuses on direct suppliers. We monitor the transparency of our supply chain regarding conflict minerals and require a change to verified sources if raw materials and their sources of supply are identified as not "conflict-free".

Supplier Evaluation

Compliance with ESG Standards

The sustainability performance of our suppliers is regularly evaluated based on applicable ESG standards to fulfill regulatory requirements and mitigate supply chain risks. Suppliers who do not meet the minimum requirements are not considered in our procurement process.

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