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HR Business Partner

Meet Sabrina

"OECHSLER offers various opportunities for professional and personal development. This starts with our talent development, continues with individual further education programmes, language training, modular management development and individual coaching and mentoring programmes."

Head of Product Engineering

Meet Martin

"With a history of over 150 years, OECHSLER has always focused on new technologies, products and processes. Therefore, pioneering spirit is also required so that OECHSLER can always appear with new products. As an engineer, there are always opportunities to contribute and develop new things."

Deputy Director Production

Meet Christian

"We have a highly varied product portfolio in our production, the most modern technology, the highest quality requirements for our machines and products that we produce. All of this takes place in a family environment in which we maintain a very familiar atmosphere with our employees and our colleagues from other plants.

HR Romania

Meet Daciana

"A great example regarding growth opportunities in the company would be my own path. I started out as a production worker, and just like me 70% of the white-collar worker started out in production as well. Now they are in specialist or management positions."

Anca Pirvuletu

Bastian Schock


“For a results-oriented sales professional OECHSLER provides the perfect environment to work with global customers on exciting and innovative projects.  I am happy to be part of a company with more than 150 years of history surrounded by people who support and inspire me to achieve extraordinary things.”

Anca Pirvuletu
Account Executive

Project Management

„Oechsler prepared me for my professional career as a student trainee and right from the start I was given the opportunity to manage my own projects and take responsibility right from the start. OECHSLER provides the ideal framework to develop as a young professional.”

Bastian Schock
Project Manager

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