Compliance with legal and internal company regulations

Acting responsibly

Our Guidelines

Compliance stands for adherence to legal and internal company rules. For OECHSLER, compliance is a central building block and a basic requirement. The globally valid Code of Conduct clearly defines our conviction and attitude towards legal requirements and ethical issues. With these globally binding rules, we want to protect our employees, partners and customers.

Principles of conduct of OECHSLER


The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines that apply to all employees throughout the company. It is intended to make it easier to deal with existing company rules and provide employees with orientation, help and advice in their activities and decisions. The focus is on the responsibility of each individual for compliance.


Reporting Violations

Whistleblower system

Misconduct and violations of our Code of Conduct are not tolerated. An external and independent ombudsperson supports compliance management to ensure independence.

Ombudsperson contact information:

Janine Winkler 
Tel: +49 89 55066-138
Mobile: +49 151 19470860
E-Mail: janine.winkler(at)

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