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How can we create an open working environment in which all employees can develop and innovative ideas are encouraged? These values are deeply rooted in our mission statement, which significantly influences our daily actions.

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Room for Action

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Room for Action

The OECHSLER corporate culture is a culture of learning and promoting. We actively support our employees in their continued personal and professional development (CPD), because they are the indispensable engine of the company. Each person has the opportunity to play an active role in the company. It is important to convey the feeling that one is respected and taken seriously. This positivity impacts the whole team and enables us to maintain the pleasant working atmosphere of which we at OECHSLER are very proud of.


Pioneering Spirit

The OECHSLER pioneering spirit has been unbroken since the company was founded in 1864. As a provider of plastic-based solutions, we strive to distinguish ourselves from the competition through unparalleled quality and innovation.

This includes not only the continuous optimization of processes and openness to innovation, but also close cooperation with our customers. We always keep our curiosity for more in mind. Only in this way can OECHSLER solve new tasks with confidence – and grow with them.


Promoting Success

OECHSLER pursues a simple strategy in dealing with its employees: only those who give get something back. This process begins at the very top. All managers are aware of their responsibilities, and work continuously to improve their qualifications and skills so that these can be passed on to the team. This process has a positive impact on the company’s overall performance. We ensure that the work of each individual is supported, promoted, and rewarded. At the end of the day, you can notice this above all where it is needed most - in the motivation and initiative that the OECHSLER employees show anew every day.


Fair Play

Trust is the cornerstone OECHSLER builds upon. We are committed to integrity, honesty, and responsible conduct – guiding principles for our daily business. We teach our employees not only how to grow along with the company, but also how to deal with setbacks and to understand mistakes as opportunities. We encourage them to take responsibility for their own actions and to assist those who need help. Everyone has the right to constructive feedback and recognition. This is what makes working at OECHSLER so special.


Diversity drives Innovation

As a company with six global production sites and franconian roots, you will encounter an open and sincere work culture. Connecting colleagues from different countries, including people with disabilities, and encouraging the active role of every single employee are our key principles. Be constructive, speak freely, and think outside of the box. OECHSLER provides a progressive cultural framework to ensure every person is an actual part of the company, that their individual strengths can thrive and that they can realize their full potential. We believe that success can only be achieved with great minds and a common understanding of our core values.


Talent is driving success

Whether you are a leader, a professional or a young talent, OECHSLER is looking for people who want to make an impact. Our global environment offers exceptional career opportunities for our employees and applicants. We promote these sustainably, as well as their professional and personal development. Work in one of our industry leading R&D hubs, transform industrial manufacturing at our production sites or drive commercial success within our sales organization. The opportunities to fulfill your desired career path at OECHSLER are almost limitless. Become part of our team of innovation drivers and let us together deliver the best product with the latest technology.

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