Open Door at the brand new Clean Room in Ansbach, Germany

OECHSLER presents its newly built cleanroom to employees and students

In addition to the production of plastic components for the automotive, industrial solutions and sporting goods industries, we are also a supplier of polymer-based articles for the medical sector.

The production of medically relevant products is subject to particularly high requirements, which are intended to ensure patient safety at all times. The safety of the end customer is the top priority and must always come first, for example, even during production under low-contamination conditions.
To ensure the purest and most controlled manufacturing environment possible during the production and processing of components, the production area for medical devices is usually implemented in the form of a clean room.
On 03.05.2023, it was possible for us to allow our college to enter the separate area for the first time. The day of the clean room to enter the clean room area was special in that this is no longer possible following the qualification of the clean room system contained therein. After commissioning, access will only be permitted to trained and qualified personnel wearing cleanroom-appropriate clothing in order to avoid introducing contamination and to maintain the high safety standards on a permanent basis.
The tour was opened by a short speech of our CEO Mr. Christoph Fasshauer, who reported on the newly created efficiencies within the new building and praised the departments involved.
Afterwards, the colleagues of all work shifts had the opportunity to have a look at the premises and to explore the background of the construction in more detail. OECHSLER was also visited by two groups of students from Ansbach University of Applied Sciences, who are studying Biomedical Engineering (B.Eng.) and Medical Engineering (M.Eng.) there. Mr. Christian Schächer and Mr. Roland Ammon took over the tours with the young adults. The company PK Kältetechnik, which actively supported us during the construction, was also on site.
The construction work began in January of this year. We were able to complete the construction project in May 2023. The previous planning phase lasted a total of 1.5 years. We were able to achieve a new cleanroom creation of 460 square meters, which can be classified as ISO Class 7 and GMP Class C. The new area allows for a new installation in the cleanroom. The new area allows a new installation of 12 to 14 injection molding machines including handling. In addition, we were able to integrate a 2.5 t gantry crane.
Furthermore, OECHSLER opened up a new logistics area (183 sqm), a material lock (38 sqm), a personnel lock (51 sqm) and a quality control area (35.5 sqm). All premises can be classified here in ISO class 8 and GMP class D.
We also wanted to fulfill our commitment to the environment during the construction process and considered sustainable alternatives to conventional construction methods as early as the planning stage. We made use of existing production space in order to avoid new surface sealing. We also included triple-glazed windows and rock wool insulation in the ceiling and walls to develop better cold and heat insulation and thus save some energy resources. The commissioning of a local construction company from Haundorf, brought us, in addition to the best support in construction, the advantage of very short travel distances, which the company had to OECHSLER. A more efficient ventilation system and the installation of all-electric injection molding machines also contribute to a lower demand for energy resources. We located the temperature control units, which were also needed, outside the clean room to reduce the heat generation inside to the minimum.

We are very grateful for the support internally, as well as for the support from our external service providers.

We were also very pleased to be able to give our employees such a unique opportunity and hope that we were able to give our colleagues a small insight into the planning and implementation of our cleanroom.

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