OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions


Your trusted partner for assembly solutions

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Turnkey solutions for automated assembly solutions

Turning individual parts into products

One partner from small series to fully automated assembly in large series production.

As a turnkey partner, OECHSLER offers an end-to-end solution for your projects – from product and process development and manufacturing to assembly lines. With more than 50 years of process experience, our engineers will determine the ideal and most efficient solution to turn single components into functional products, whether a manual assembly for small series or a fully automated process for high-volume production. We offer a complete portfolio of joining technologies, product testing, and customer packaging integration.

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Series production


Creating innovative solutions

We believe product excellence comes down to every detail. Thus, our development team of more than 120 engineers delivers innovative approaches to products and their production. Those are ideated in design-thinking workshops by our cross-functional teams and then aligned with our customers' ideas to make their products stand out.

OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions


Forward-driven solution provider

OECHSLER operates extensive digital product and process simulations to enhance functionality according to the needs of our customers. Depending on your challenges, we offer design-to-manufacturing, design-to-cost, failure path detection (FMEA), and advanced product quality planning (APQP) services. For every process, our teams determine the optimal solution in close cooperation with our customers, from product requirements to construction and assembly automation.

OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions


Process know-how for all challenges

Executing an industrialized production requires a team of skilled engineers, out-of-the-box thinking, well-equipped manufacturing facilities, and comprehensive process expertise. As a turnkey partner for various industries, OECHSLER operates the complete assembly portfolio from component handling and joining technologies to customized testing capabilities for any production volume. Furthermore, OECHSLER is firm in managing a supply base for an external value chain.

OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions

Series production

Industrial excellence

Our customers benefit from a global production network with 400 injection molding machines and 40 corresponding assembly lines in Europa, North America, and Asia-Pacific. Our quality management system assures standardized machinery, equipment, and material operation that meet all quality standards of the automotive and healthcare industry at all global sites. Those standards are validated by 100% EOL testing for every part.

OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions

Global market leader for the Electric Parking Brake


Our focus goes beyond general assembly solutions, encompassing a significant emphasis on electric assembly as well with over 20 million produced components per year, actuator technology – especially the Electric Parking Brake – represents OECHSLER’s top-selling product group, including mirror-adjustment actuators, tailgate drivers, and seat belt tensioners. Our actuator solutions benefit equally from OECHSLER’s experience in injection molding, industry-leading automation of assembly processes, and more than 20 years of product expertise. Nonetheless, our engineers strive for perfection every day to provide our customers with an economical solution to sophisticated challenges.


OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions

Joining technologies

Cross-manufacturing excellence

OECHSLER offers a unique cross-manufacturing approach that can be individually designed depending on product properties, customer needs, and production volume. That includes the complete set of technologies that are inevitable for a successful assembly process and join components of different materials:

  • Laser welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Greasing
  • Gluing
  • Resistance welding
  • Wire winding
  • Patch PRO 3D

OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions

Industry fit

Component handling

No matter the industry, no matter the product: OECHSLER operates assembly lines at seven global production sites for technical and decorative parts for the automotive, sporting goods, industrial solutions, and healthcare industries. Thus, we are firm in reaching all respective standards, including technical cleanliness for automotive, non-contact manufacturing for healthcare, and handling for sensible surfaces. In close collaboration with our customers, we determine the ideal assembly solution that suits your industry and production volume.

OECHSLER industrial Assembly solutions

Production excellence at any volume

Tailor-made testing and automation

Perfection in product lifetime and quality leaves no margin for error. Thus, our process engineers seek operational excellence daily and rethink manufacturing processes throughout – from material supply to product testing. This knowledge enables us to strategically implement innovative automation solutions to our assembly lines according to product, industry, and customer needs – from small series to fully automated mass production. Furthermore, we also offer customized in-house testing that may include:

  • High-voltage testing
  • Torque testing
  • Density testing
  • Connector shell testing
  • 100% automated or manual visual inspection

OECHSLER Electronic Parking Brake

Electronic Parking Brake

The Electric Parking Brake is one of OECHSLER’s most sophisticated products and has been an integral part of various braking systems for more than 20 years.

OECHSLER Radom/ Lidar

Radom/ Lidar

Innovative Design elements with heating elements to clear sensors essential for autonomous driving of snow and ice. Thanks to our product experience they can be tailor-made according to customer needs.

OECHSLER Bicycle saddles

SQLab Sattel

Bicycle saddles manufactured using particle foam. The combination of the injection molding process and the subsequent "Patch PRO" process allows for maximum comfort. The product can be manufactured in Germany thanks to high automation.

OECHSLER * Pulmotree Mesh-nebulizer (inhalers)


Manufactured and assembled at OECHSLER’s clean room facilities, inhalers are key products in our healthcare portfolio and may be produced in Germany or at our global sites.

OECHSLER Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting

OECHSLER’s polymer expertise and sustainability goals meet in Smart Lighting to create innovative luminaires replacing aluminum with high-quality, recycled polymers to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent over their lifetime.

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