OECHSLER x Brighthub GmbH

Introducing the Revolutionary e³ Sustainable Lighting Solution

Approx. 90% CO2 reduction
in production
Up to 180 lm/W
System efficiency with 1,000 to 1,999 lm light flux
Up to 140 lm/W
System efficiency with 2,000 to 3,700 lm light flux


The lighting industry is increasingly focusing on sustainability while making minimal progress in product innovation. Therefore, OECHSLER joined forces with Brighthub GmbH, specializing in innovative as well as sustainable luminaires, to revolutionize the sector with their e³ sustainable lighting innovation. By combining OECHSLER's long-standing expertise in Injection Molding with Brighthub's lighting industry knowledge and shared commitment to sustainable solutions, they introduced the e³ Sustainable Lighting concept.

Collaborating with OECHSLER, we had a fertile open ideation session that led to the development of e³- sustainable lighting. The revolutionary concept involved replacing diecast-aluminum with recycled and easy to recycle high performance plastics, leading up to 90% decrease in CO2 emissions in production while emphasizing energy efficiency.

Roland Schmider
Founder of Brighthub GmbH


Reducing Carbon Emissions in Production

e³ Sustainable Lighting is a luminous solution for reducing carbon emissions in production and due to energy saving over livetime. e³ has an injection-molded housing made of recycled plastic, which significantly reduces the amount of aluminum required. The plastic, which is also used in automotive applications, also does not require any environmentally harmful painting or powder coating. This results in much more eco-friendly manufacturing, significantly easier recyclability, and up to 90 percent reduction in carbon emissions during production compared to commercial power track spotlights made of powder-coated aluminum.

Product Carbon Footprint

The Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) is calculated according to the global standard of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) and is already standard in some industries. The GHG Protocol is a private transnational set of standards for greenhouse gas emissions accounting and reporting for companies. With e³, we want to contribute to establishing this value, which is so important for the environment, in the lighting industry as well. 


Polymer vs. Aluminium

OECHSLER employs high-performance plastics in power track spotlights to enhance thermal management and optical characteristics. By utilizing recycled or recyclable plastics, CO2 emissions are reduced by around 90% during production. The benefit of plastics is their ability to eliminate the need for painting or powder coating, promoting environmentally friendly production and facilitating recycling at the product's end of life.


OECHSLER focuses on high product quality, environmental protection, and local sourcing in Germany. Conformity with the applicable European standards is tested by the VDE as part of the safety and ENEC certification and supplemented by the voluntary EMC test. The CE declaration of conformity is also based on the VDE directive research. All photometric measurement results are verified by the independent testing institute DIAL. Certified to DIN EN ISO standards, including environmental and energy management, OECHSLER also holds IATF16949 for automotive standards.

Maximal Efficiency

Compact and Lightweight Design

The e³ track spotlight is a lightweight solution with smart thermal management, OECHSLER Hybrid Optic (OHO), and high-efficiency LED COBs. It achieves up to 140 lm/W or 180 lm/W system efficiency, providing high illuminance levels and energy cost savings. The spotlight is versatile, compatible with standard three-phase power track systems, and remains lukewarm during operation for easy adjustment. OECHSLER Hybrid Optics (OHO) ensures high efficiency with no stray light loss.

Top Light Quality

LED COBs with a CRI Exceeding 90

Our lighting solutions prioritize quality by using LED COBs with a CRI exceeding 90 for natural illumination. The light distribution is homogeneous, providing focused illuminance, seamless transitions, and a soft gradient for a gentle lighting experience.

Our Partners


In the spirit of "Moving Beyond Innovation", OECHSLER and Brighthub GmbH have successfully launched e³ Sustainable Lighting: Energy efficient, Eco friendly, Economical - Made in Germany and redesigned track spotlights to be more sustainable by using recycled and recyclable heavy-duty plastics instead of aluminum, without compromising on performance.

Key Features at a glance:

  • approx. 90% CO2 reduction in production
  • up to 180 lm/W system efficiency with 1,000 to 1,999 lm light flux
  • up to 140 lm/W system efficiency with 2,000 to 3,700 lm light flux

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