OECHSLER enters series production of bicycle saddles using 3D printing

"Romin-Evo" saddle co-developed with Carbon and Specialized
  • OECHSLER mass produces the brand new "Romin-Evo" saddle co-developed with Carbon and Specialized.
  • As Carbon's preferred production partner, OECHSLER will handle the future development of 3D printed bicycle components for Specialized
  • Presentation of the development process for the new saddle by the three partner companies in the webinar on November 10 and 11, 2021

OECHSLER AG ("OECHSLER"), a leading plastics technology group with a global presence and headquarters in Ansbach/Middle Franconia, Germany, has entered series production of bicycle saddles with its global fleet of 3D printers. For the American bicycle manufacturer Specialized, OECHSLER has recently been manufacturing the high-end saddle "S-works Romin-Evo with Mirror Technology".

In collaboration with the 3D printing pioneer Carbon, the partners have developed the brand new, additively manufactured saddle for top-class bicycles, which sets new standards in terms of riding comfort and ergonomics while maintaining the lowest possible weight. The innovative production process further developed by OECHSLER for this saddle once again underscores the highly scalable nature of the 3D printing technology offered by Carbon. In addition, it has paved the way for the Franconian plastics specialist to become the preferred production partner for carbon.

From prototype to market launch in just 10 months

In a record time of just 10 months, the partners Carbon, Specialized and OECHSLER succeeded in developing a prototype of the "S-works Romin-Evo with Mirror Technology" bicycle saddle, transferring it to series production using the 3D printing process and launching it on the market. In the future, OECHSLER will take over the development of further bicycle components manufactured in 3D processes for Specialized.

Dr. Claudius M. Kozlik, CEO of OECHSLER, said, "Plastic-based additive series manufacturing is still a very young technology - many industries, such as the bicycle industry, are only now discovering its possibilities. Especially in the booming bicycle market, we therefore see great potential for mass production using 3D printing and, as Carbon's preferred production partner, we are looking forward to developing other bicycle parts for mass production using 3D printing in addition to the bicycle saddle."

Reliable mass production of innovative parts

With the series production of the bicycle saddle "S-works Romin-Evo with Mirror Technology", OECHSLER once again demonstrates its expertise in plastic-based additive manufacturing and proves its ability to industrialize and mass-produce projects worldwide. OECHSLER uses several alternative, plastic-based 3D printing technologies from leading equipment manufacturers in its additive manufacturing machinery and operates one of the world's largest mass-production 3D printer fleets at its two sites in Ansbach/Brodswinden (EU) and Taicang (China).

Additive manufacturing is one of the fastest growing production technologies. With quite a few prestigious projects realized together with innovative pioneers in their industries, OECHSLER has a global and established pioneering position in the market. For example, the company's highly flexible carbon DLS production has already proven its manufacturing capabilities in the printing of shoe soles or the inlays of football helmets.

OECHSLER, Carbon and Specialized invite you to the webinar

On November 10 and 11, OECHSLER, Carbon and Specialized will share the development process of the "S-works Romin-Evo with Mirror Technology" bicycle saddle from prototype to mass production using 3D printing in a joint webinar. The discussion will feature Emma Boutcher, Product Manager Specialized, Markus Bischoff, VP Sales of Sporting Goods & Additive Manufacturing OECHSLER, and Kelly McCarroll-Gilbert, Business Development Director Carbon. The discussion will be moderated by David Sher, Co-Founder and CEO of additive manufacturing industry information platform 3dpbm. Those interested can tune in at 9 p.m. on Nov. 10 and 3 p.m. on Nov. 11 at the following link https://attendee.gotowebinar.c....


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