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Powder injection molding

Innovation for series production

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We create powder-based engineering solutions made for series production.

To rethink industrial solutions for our customers and combine complex design ideas, durable materials, and the manufacturing perks of industrialized injection molding, OECHSLER implemented powder injection molding. Our products shape the design and functionality of automotive interiors or excel at complex technological applications. To satisfy the needs of our customers, we have created an innovative-driven hybrid approach to combine injection molding materials.

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Series production

powder injection molding testing process with engineer in front of testing station


Creating innovative solutions

Our skilled development team creates brand-new complex solutions, only made possible by metal and ceramic injection molding. Within design thinking workshops, innovative solutions are developed and combined with the ideas and specific requirements of the customers to ensure outstanding products.

two engineers during development process in OECHSLER testing building


Flawless design for unprecedented functionality

When developing the perfect ceramic or metal part, OECHSLER operates material selection, prototyping, and design for manufacturing processes. Our team of more than 120 engineers rethinks functionality and design to shape customer-specified products that perform flawlessly. With a unique hybrid approach, OECHSLER can unite various materials in one injection molding part.

powder injection molding material in industrial filling system


Individualized production processes

With more than 15 years of experience in the industrialization of high-volume products, our team has been driving innovative production processes to customers’ needs. We offer the complete turnkey solution including a high-precision tool design and molding process development with a high level of automation. To excel all product specifications of the application, we individually design post-processing.

powder injection molding filling system from a wide angle

Series production

Quality excellence in series production

With 15 million PIM-parts produced per year, OECHSLER has established a series production for powder components on 3,000 square meters with a high level of standardization and automation. Our production exceeds all common quality certifications of the automotive industry, and includes a 100 percent inspection for every part – either manually or fully automated. We deliver innovative engineering solutions for various industries according to the needs of our customers.

powder injection molded parts are put into industrial oven

Design beyond innovation

Ceramic Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding combines the design freedom and procedural advantages of injection molding with convincing material properties, such as mechanical and chemical resistance and exceptional haptics. With a matt or high-gloss finish, ceramics define the aesthetics of any component. Find out more about the benefits of Ceramic Injection Molding and how it can add value to your business.

CIM Report

two industrial ovens closed for powder injection molding process

Innovative precision parts

Metal Injection Molding

OECHSLER provides performance-orientated technical components made of metal injection molding for automotive and healthcare. The steel components acquire their complex geometry during the molding procedure, whereas mechanical characteristics can be optimized during post-processing. 

Hybrid approach

Back Injection Molding

As a full-stack injection molding partner, OECHSLER has developed a unique hybrid approach to combine powder and polymer materials, that unites the most outstanding properties of ceramics, metals, and polymers. The part undergoes two complex, yet standardized molding procedures, followed by a post-processing treatment, matching the highest quality standards of the automotive industry in series production.

Injection molding excellence


High-precision ceramic and metal parts rely on the accuracy of the tools used in production. Thus, tool design is an integral part of our injection molding excellence and has been in our DNA for more than 70 years. Our skilled in-house tool shop produces more than 120 tools annually across all injection molding technologies. Find out more about our tooling expertise here.

Tool Shop


Thanks to the free design of metal injection molding, OECHSLER manufactures typology-optimized gears for the automotive industry. The post-process ensures excellence-driven application properties.

Gear Shift

Combining polymer and powder injection molding in a unique hybrid approach, the gear shift is a technologically advanced component as well as a design element for luxurious car interiors. It can only be scratched with a diamond.


High-quality control element for entertainment systems in automotive interiors. The scratch-proof and wear-resistant ceramic surface ensures a continuous high-quality experience.

Climate controllers

Climate controllers of various sizes are installed in the control panel of vehicle interiors. Thanks to the thermal resistance of the ceramic material, OECHSLER’s controllers are comfortable to touch in summer or winter.


A hybrid approach enables the development of an application measuring electronic pulses. The manufacturing process includes a complex and yet standardized back-injection approach.

  • Powder Injection Molding

Ceramic Injection Molding at OECHSLER

Ceramic Injection Molding combines functionality and design for high-quality parts with excellent material characteristics and haptics.

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  • Polymer Injection Molding

Rapid Tooling in the tool making department of OECHSLER AG

With a metal printer, OECHSLER produces tools on demand - with complex cavities or conformal cooling shortening product innovation cycles.

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  • Powder Injection Molding

OECHSLER strengthens technological advantage with Ceramic Injection Molding (CIM)

We offer ceramic injection molded high-end components including development, prototyping, and the realization of scalable productions.

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“The trend of establishing alternative value chains is visible and will result in the need for increased MIM production capacity in Europe. MIM will see many opportunities and must be a frontrunner to successfully transfer the industry into a sustainable future."

Sven Fleischmann
Head of Sales Metal Systems Europa BASF
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Locations with this technology

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OECHSLER Weissenburg (Germany)

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