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As a full-service provider with more than 70 years of experience, we at OECHSLER understand that our customers only require the perfect polymer solutions. Thus, we design and engineer forward-driven, high-precision, and top-notch products customized for your industry. Those can be realized in high-volume series production with the machinery of up to 700 kN of clamp force. Throughout our global production network, we set the highest standards regarding product quality and operational excellence. This is validated by profound product and material testing and 100% end-of-line testing.

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Series Production


Creating the perfect solution for Injection Molding

We believe product excellence comes down to every detail. Thus, our development team of more than 120 engineers delivers innovative approaches to products and processes. Those are ideated in design-thinking workshops by our cross-functional teams, and then aligned with the ideas and specifications of our customers to ensure outstanding products.


Shaping Injection Molding ideas

As part of our development process, we use the digital product and process simulation to rethink the design and enhance the functionality of customer-specified products. Depending on your challenges, we also offer design-to-manufacturing, design-to-cost, and design-to-carbon-footprint services. Leveraging the technical benefits of Additive Manufacturing, we use Early and Rapid Prototyping to facilitate iteration loops with our customers.


Process know-how for all challenges

With more than 70 years of experience in high-volume production, OECHSLER is firm in setting up the ideal manufacturing infrastructure for our customers. That includes in-house toolmaking to ensure the highest product quality and accuracy. Depending on customer needs, we also offer failure path detection (FMEA), risk analysis, and Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) services. Utilizing a comprehensive toolkit, we provide fully automated manufacturing and assembly.

Series Production

Customized production at scale

Our customers benefit from a global production network with 400 injection molding machines and 40 corresponding assembly lines in Europe, North America, and Asia. Our quality management system (QMS) assures standardized machinery, equipment and material operation that meet all quality standards of the automotive and healthcare industry at all global sites. 

Framework for superior products

High-performance material selection

OECHSLER operates a diverse material portfolio to exceed the wide-ranging quality standards of our customers. That includes proven polymer solutions for cost-efficient mass production and the most durable, high-performance polymers that add up to more than 10,000 tons of granules per year. Due to our profound testing approach, we can ensure the best durability and resistance characteristics.

Application Engineering

In-House Tool Shop

High-precision polymer parts rely on the accuracy of the tools used in production. Thus, tool design is an integral part of our injection molding excellence. Our skilled in-house tool shop produces more than 100 tools per year. The process includes application engineering and tool design, digital simulation, Rapid Prototyping utilizing Additive Manufacturing and first sample testing, delivering high-precision tools for series production.

Tool Shop

Local Sourcing

Global production network

OECHSLER operates a fully automated polymer injection molding production at five sites in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. In addition to customer benefits in terms of cost and flexibility, we minimize our product carbon footprint through local production. At the same time, the sites ensure the highest level of quality throughout the entire production network. 

Our Locations

Technology Fit

Cross-manufacturing excellence

As a turnkey partner, OECHSLER provides profound manufacturing expertise and, therefore, can offer a cross-manufacturing approach that is individually designed depending on product properties and customer needs. That may include a combination of materials or production technologies, for example:

  • Polymer Injection Molding
  • Particle Foaming
  • Hybrid Approach for Metal-Polymer-Combination
  • Stamping and wire laying
  • Overmolding
  • In-mold decoration
  • Ultrasonic welding

Polymer-based System

Polymer-based system consisting of several components, including high-precision gears and housing solution.

Face Shield

Polymer-based and injection-molded face shield for firefighting operations at high temperatures. The face shield is gold plated in a finishing process to increase resilience.


Inhaler for medical applications produced in clean room conditions ISO - class 7 under consideration of highest quality requirements.

Hybrid Part

Highly complex system component consisting of various components (polymer/metal) combined in an injection molding process manufactured in compliance with automotive specifications.

Hybrid Part

Application combining stampings and polymer housings in an injection molding process.

Hybrid Part

High-precision component consisting of stamped components and a polymer housing.

Bike Saddle

Bicycle saddles manufactured using Particle Foam. The combination of the injection-molding process and the subsequent "Patch Pro" process allows for maximum comfort. The product can be manufactured in Germany thanks to high automation.

Shoe Sole

Sports shoe sole designed for maximum performance and comfort. The sole is manufactured in a Particle Foam process.

Our Partners

"At OECHSLER, we have always concentrated on operational excellence. We have always upheld this philosophy during OECHSLER's globalization, which began 20 years ago. Today, we can guarantee our customers the same quality regardless of where they are served.”

Christoph Fasshauer
Chief Operating Officer

Use Cases

  • Assembly

OECHSLER’s Electric Parking Brake - Success story

We provide sophisticated solutions, based on 20 years of experience in actuator development, prototyping, and manufacturing.

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  • Polymer Injection Molding

Rapid Tooling in the tool making department of OECHSLER AG

With a metal printer, OECHSLER produces tools on demand - with complex cavities or conformal cooling shortening product innovation cycles.

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  • Assembly

OECHSLER strengthens technological advantage with the Patch PRO (3D)

OECHSLER enables the 3D placement of patches, to individualize or add design elements to a 3D component or to stiffen a 3D component.

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Locations with this technology

  • Europe

OECHSLER Weissenburg (Germany)

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  • Europe

OECHSLER Lipova (Romania)

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  • North America

OECHSLER Querétaro (Mexico)

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  • Asia Pacific

OECHSLER Taicang (China)

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  • Europe

OECHSLER Ansbach (Germany)

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