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With the Paris Agreement, 195 countries have set themselves the goal of keeping the rise in global temperature well below 2 degrees celsius. At today's emission levels, the emissions budget will already be exhausted by mid-2040 at the latest. The devastating consequences must be avoided together through innovative solutions.

As further actions, OECHSLER has committed to set near-term company-wide emission reductions in line with climate science with the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative). Learn more about Science Based Targets initiative: Science Based Targets initiative | OECHSLER

At OECHSLER, we assess climate protection beyond our sphere of influence (scope 1 and 2 emissions) and, therefore, also consider the upstream and downstream processes (scope 3 emissions).

In 2022, OECHSLER prepared for the first time a holistic view of CO2 emissions across the entire value chain in accordance with the requirements of the GHG Protocol. As a result, four levers were defined, three of which have already been implemented to achieve the climate targets:

1. Energy efficiency

Technology is the key driver to increasing performance and reducing environmental impact. We continuously invest in our production sites to implement measures with energy saving potential.

2. Self-generated energy

Self-generated energy is the cleanest access to energy. OECHSLER has therefore launched a global multi-million Euro investment program to increase the share of self-generated energy substantially. By mid-2023, solar systems with a capacity of about 8,000MWh will have been installed at five of OECHSLER's seven production sites. Today, approx. 50% of the target has been achieved.

3. Green electricity

As the largest source of energy, purchasing green electricity is the fastest way to achieve CO2 neutrality. That is why OECHSLER has been strongly expanding electricity from renewable sources with corresponding guarantees of origin. Also, with the purchase of green electricity, we follow the principle of implementation where a result could be achieved as fast as possible. The purchase of green electricity will be successively expanded in the future

4. Compensation

The use of carbon credits has not yet been introduced. From 2030 at the latest, OECHSLER is to be made CO2 neutral concerning scope 1 and 2 emissions through offsets. Emission credits will only be used for unavoidable emissions that are necessary due to production processes, for example, or to offset emissions from countries where those targets cannot be achieved.

Excerpt from the measures

Photovoltaic system in Weißenburg (Germany)

In 2023, OECHSLER commissioned a PV system with a nominal capacity of 1,900 kWp and an annual electricity generation of over 2,000 MWh on an area of 16,400 m².

Photovoltaic system in Taicang (China)

In 2021, a PV system with an output of 1,500kWp and a capacity of 1,500MWh per year was installed on the roof of the production site.

Photovoltaic system in Queréraro (Mexico)

In 2021, a PV system with an output of 500kWp and a capacity of 700kWh per year was installed on the roof of the production site. The PV system will be extended by a further 700kWp in 2023.

Central material supply in Ansbach (Germany)

In the course of the renewal of the material supply of the production at the headquarters in Ansbach, a central material supply was implemented, which not only ensures higher quality, productivity, and efficiency but also consumes substantially less electricity.

MonoMat materials project with Bayreuth University

The MonoMat project aims to additive manufacture lightweight products in the medical, sports and lifestyle sectors using one material.

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Electrification of the car fleet (Global)

OECHSLER incentivizes the purchase of electric company cars. In addition, car fleets are successively renewed with electric vehicles. For this purpose, OECHSLER implements charging stations at global locations.

Renaturation projects

OECHSLER is a partner of Tree-Planting Projects and the Climate Farmer project Weißenburg. Both initiatives aim to renature and increase the biodiversity in their respective areas. Those social projects are not used to compensate.

Initiative Klima-Landwirtschaft

The project "Klima-Landwirtschaft" aims to bring together companies and municipalities with "climate" farmers and work together on solutions to bind CO2 and increase biodiversity.

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ISO 14001 und ISO 50001

Sustainable environmental and energy management

We attach importance to the responsible use of natural resources and energy. With the certification of our environmental and energy management system according to the internationally recognized standard DIN EN ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 50001, we demonstrate active commitment to the environment, nature and energy efficiency. To this end, we have ourselves audited annually by independent third parties.

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