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Innovative design engineering and precision in production processes at the highest standards.

As a full-service provider with more than 70 years of experience, we at OECHSLER understand that our customers only require the perfect solution for their idea. Thus, we design and engineer forward-driven, high-precision, and top-notch products customized for your industry. Those can be realized in small and high-volume series production or development projects. Throughout our global production network, we set the highest standards regarding product quality and operational excellence. 

Mean of innovation

Technology Portfolio

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Polymer Injection Molding

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Additive Manufacturing

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Powder Injection Molding

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Automated Assembly

Cutting-edge engineering & application-oriented production technology

Polymer Injection Molding

As a full service provider we can support our customers from the ideation to series production. With more than 400 injection molding machines we are able to realize small to high-volume series production orders. Our global production network set the opportunity to serve projects all over the globe. OECHSLER´s development team of more than 120 engineers delivers innovative approaches to meet the individual needs of nearly every customer. As an important part of our excellence the in-house toolshop produces more than 100 tools per year. More than that, OECHSLER provides a cross-manufacturing approach that is individually designed depending on product properties and customer needs. 

Rethink industrial production

Additive Manufacturing

Enabling a new chapter in industrialized manufacturing, OECHSLER operates one of the largest printer fleets globally with more than 150 machines including powder and liquid technology. As a turnkey partner for our customers we are specialist for broad product requirements, we provide development services, maximum design freedom, and tailor-made production processes with our state-of-the-art printer fleet. With the amount of 2 million parts produced per year OECHSLER demonstrates the ability to act in the small or high-volume series production sector.

Innovation for series production

Powder Injection Molding

To rethink industrial solutions for our customers and combine complex design ideas, durable materials, and the manufacturing perks of industrialized injection molding, OECHSLER implemented powder injection molding. We are able to unite technology, design and funtionality in our products and create innovative powder-based engineering solutions out of ceramic and metal. Through our 15 years old experience we offer the highest quality excellence in series production. 10 furnaces are the assumption for 15 million parts per year. Moreover as an innovative-driven company we offer hybrid approach to combine injection molding materials.

Turning idividual parts into products

Automated Assembly

To support our customer in full, OECHSLER provides a complete portfolio of joining technologies, product testing, and customer packaging integration. With more than 50 years of process experience, our team of more than 120 engineers will determine the ideal and most efficient solution to turn single components into functional products. 40 corresponding assembly lines can serve any project progress from manual assembly for small series to a fully automated process for high-volume production.  

Variety of OECHSLER

Product Portfolio

Polymer-based System

Polymer-based system consisting of several components, including high-precision gears and housing solution.

Face Shield

Polymer-based and injection-molded face shield for firefighting operations at high temperatures. The face shield is gold plated in a finishing process to increase resilience.

Hybrid Part

Highly complex system component consisting of various components (polymer/metal) combined in an injection molding process manufactured in compliance with automotive specifications.

Hybrid Part

Application combining stampings and polymer housings in an injection molding process.

Hybrid Part

High-precision component consisting of stamped components and a polymer housing.

Bike Saddle

Bicycle saddles manufactured using Particle Foam. The combination of the injection-molding process and the subsequent "Patch Pro" process allows for maximum comfort. The product can be manufactured in Germany thanks to high automation.

Shoe Sole

Sports shoe sole designed for maximum performance and comfort. The sole is manufactured in a Particle Foam process.

Specialized Bike Saddle

The S-Works Romin Evo with Mirror technology has been specially developed for the performance cycling market by the engineering teams of Specialized, Carbon, and OECHSLER. It excels in rider comfort, pelvic stability, and soft tissue health.

3d printed car seat from company techart with yellow coated 3d cushioning parts


Replacing conventional upholstery with Additive Manufacturing results in a noticeable weight reduction for racing seats while enhancing comfort and ventilation for an even more luxurious experience.

3d printed red dot award winning backpack with 3d printed backpads with lattice structure


Trekking backpacks create an entirely new carrying experience by integrating 3D printed lattice comfort pads. Made of BASF Ultrasint TPU01, it significantly reduces temperature and humidity rise at pressure points.

powder injection molded sensor parts for automotive


A hybrid approach enables the development of an application measuring electronic pulses. The manufacturing process includes a complex and yet standardized back-injection approach.

ceramic injection molded gear shift

Gear Shift

Combining polymer and powder injection molding in a unique hybrid approach, the gear shift is a technologically advanced component as well as a design element for luxurious car interiors. It can only be scratched with a diamond.

two metal injection molded gears


Thanks to the free design of metal injection molding, OECHSLER manufactures typology-optimized gears for the automotive industry. The post-process ensures excellence-driven application properties.

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