Collaborating on a 3D Printed Insole for the Orthopaedic Market

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The Result
3D printed insole for orthopaedic market

The Partnership

At OECHSLER, we pride ourselves on our cutting-edge technology and innovative approach to the orthopaedic market. More than 2 years ago, we teamed up with SOLOLATTICES and GESPODO and revolutionized the way customized insoles are created and delivered. This collaboration brought together the unique skills and expertise of each partner - OECHSLER's extensive experience in Additive Manufacturing, SOLOLATTICES' innovative lattice technology, and GESPODO'S deep connections within the medical industry, as well as their state-of-the-art FootCAD3D design software and app.

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The Client’s Needs at the Heart of Everything

A Modular System with Flexibility at its Core

Our clients' needs are the catalyst that drives our innovation. In a landscape where orthopaedic surgeons are constantly faced with the challenges of staff shortages, increasing patient demands and the need to provide first-class patient care, we have developed a modular system with flexibility at its core. This empowers our clients to decide for themselves which production steps they wish to delegate and have the option of choosing one of our three carefully crafted modules: Data Acquisition/Scan, Design/Data Preparation, and Additive Manufacturing. Moreover, our insoles are meticulously customized to meet the individual needs of each patient, taking into account material, size, and shape. This creates an allencompassing solution that requires minimal effort from our clients while reducing the risk of client buy-in.

Technology is Key

Creating Custom Designs

The use of 3D printing technology allows us to create custom designs tailored to each patient's medical condition, without compromising on quality. Starting with a scan and capture of the patient's foot using GESPODO'S innovative FootSCAN3D app, the insole can then be digitally adjusted using FootCAD3D design software, which provides access to the latest 3D design features, including SOLOLATTICES' unique lattice structures that create components with different mechanical responses within a single part. This technology not only saves up to 80% of the material, but also significantly reduces the weight of the insole, which is an industry-wide challenge and offers a solution that is both stable and lightweight. Finally, OECHSLER prints the final product and delivers it to the orthopedist.

Insoles Made with the Daily User in Mind

Combination of High Customization and Lot Size One Manufacturing

The combination of high customization and lot size one manufacturing means that we can meet the unique requirements of each patient in terms of surface, cushioning, and size. Our collaboration has already led to a 50% reduction in production costs and we are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and further reduce costs for our clients. Our future plans include expanding production, introducing a higher level of automation and optimizing the use of materials.

Expanding our Concept

Entering the Sports Industry

Our vision for INSOLO goes beyond the medical sector. We plan to enter the sports industry, where the demand for customized insoles is immense. Insoles provide crucial support that can improve foot stability and reduce muscle fatigue, benefiting athletes and active individuals alike. We are currently developing a semi-customized insole that differs only in size, making it even easier for our clients to find the perfect fit.

The Result

Experience the future of orthopedic insoles with INSOLO - your bespoke solution for comfort, support, and precision.

  • 3D printed & customized insoles for the orthopedic market
  • Innovative lattice technology
  • Modular system with flexibility at its core - Clients can choose between three crafted modules: Data Acquisition/Scan, Design/Data Preparation, and Additive Manufacturing

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