3d printed part combining lattice and solid structure in grey color

Lattice structure & solid parts

Overcoming design limitations

Unprecedented flexibility in series production

Shaping the future of product design

Additive Manufacturing has enabled two industry-breaking product categories at OECHSLER: 3D printed solid parts offer the production of complex geometries. Open cell structures – called “Lattice” – substitute cushioning solutions, and can be individually designed to customer needs and applications. Combining our expertise in a cross-manufacturing approach, OECHSLER offers hybrid solutions, integrating solid and lattice into one product.

3d printed solid parts in different complex geometries

Variability for technical & decorative components

Solid parts

OECHSLER leverages Additive Manufacturing to produce highly complex, even bionic solid parts. Those stand out for their complexity in merging several components into one. Designing a part for 3D-printing, therefore, reduces assembly needs, lower tooling investments, and shortens tolerance chains. Our solid parts are already implemented in real-life applications across different industries.

Customized for your application

Lattice development

The starting point for our lattice development is usually a CAD model featuring a solid component with a fixed outline geometry. An algorithm transfers this geometry into a lattice structure, which is then optimized by one of our highly experienced engineers according to customer specifications such as compression strength, strut thickness, height, and geometry. Since each strut can be assigned parameters, we enhance stability or cushioning precisely where needed.

Unprecedented design experience

Design freedom

Lattice structures provide unlimited design freedom regarding cell structure, geometry, volume, strut size, and compression. Individualizing these parameters for any application and customer requirements enables innovative product applications.

Open cell structure

Weight reduction

The lattice structure is characterized by apertures between cells and layers, allowing for significant weight reduction while maintaining structural integrity. The effective distribution of material enables the development of lightweight solutions for various industries.

Enhanced breathability

Passive ventilation

Open lattice structures by OECHSLER feature an air-permeable comfort layer that increases breathability and ventilation. This reduces the temperature and relative humidity rise at pressure points significantly.

Better protection

Impact absorption

Lattice structures can be modified to realize damping effects by the design of the geometry, size, thickness of struts, material, and technology. The properties then manage the absorption of energy from linear and rotational impacts and can be applied in prevention or protection products.

Moving forward

Return energy

Lattice structures can be modified to realize energy recovery by the design of the geometry, size, thickness of struts, material, and technology. The lattice structure manages to absorb energy and return it. We have applied this to the development of midsoles to transform a vertical force into a forward motion when running.

Comfort Increase

Different degrees of hardness

The design freedom of the struts provides the flexibility to implement varied hardness degrees in one part based on different pressure areas. The design is adjusted to the required application and increases comfort, ideal weight distribution, and unprecedented levels of customization.

testing station compressing a lattice structure

Achieving groundbreaking product quality

Extensive testing made for series production

OECHSLER has built extensive testing capabilities at our Additive Manufacturing hub in Brodswinden. Whereas testing for solid components is comparable to our injection molding parts, we have designed new testing procedures for our lattice structures, including compression hardness, continuous stress, energy absorption, and heat dissipation.

Use Cases

  • Additive Manufacturing

Jack Wolfskin Combines Exceptional Padding and Ventilation in Aerorise Backpack

Together with OECHSLER and Carbon, Jack Wolfskin revolutionized the backpack market and delivered a perfect back pad solution.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

TECHART & OECHSLER bring innovative, lightweight seating solutions to racetracks

TECHART and OECHSLER enable superior design and seating comfort for high-performance cars with additively manufactured upholstery.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Bike saddle reimagined

Specialized, Carbon & OECHSLER rethink bike saddles by using latest scientific results and innovative production technologies.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

OECHSLER’s Trekking Backpack - to fill your soul with Wanderlust

We provide sophisticated solutions, based on 20 years of experience in actuator development, prototyping, and manufacturing.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

The innovative Outdoor Backpack - your buddy for sustainable adventures

VAUDE and OECHSLER enable sustainable, technical enhanced products and manufacturing processes on the way to the circular economy.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Seating Experience 2.0 - How OECHSLER reinvented car seats

With additively manufactured car seats a new era of seating has begun enhancing driver comfort and enabling an extra spark of design.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Protective Lattice Layer for Cobots

We provide sophisticated solutions, based on 20 years of experience in actuator development, prototyping, and manufacturing.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Award-winning innovation: Additive Manufactured Furniture for unlimited design and functionality

Additive manufacturing opens the door to a new level of product creation in the furniture industry: designable, sustainable & comfortable.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

OECHSLER sets new standards in the sporting goods market with the ski goggle

Additive manufacturing enables production of multi-functional single component solutions, which fulfill ambivalent material characteristics.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Motorbike Saddle – OECHSLER and Forward AM Put the Smiles Back in the Miles

Lightweight design, air permeability, and increased material stability for greatly improved user comfort on long motorbike rides.

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