e³ - sustainable lighting

Energy efficient, Eco friendly, Economical - Made in Germany

CO2 savings in production
1.000-3.500 lm
Light flux
Up to 140 lm/W
System efficiency

For a luminous future

Sustainable and high-performance product design

OECHSLER is constantly working on more sustainable products and has therefore redesigned professional track spotlights. Building on our polymer expertise and high quality standards in automotive and healthcare, we have replaced a relevant aluminum content in high lumen output spotlights with heavy duty plastics. We thus offer innovative thermal management and significantly reduce the eco-footprint both during manufacture and over the entire lifetime. Thanks to its minimalist and modular design, it allows e³ to be integrated into any architectural space and is ideal for shop/retail applications.

Made of recycled polymers

Sustainable Lighting Solution

As a polymer specialist, OECHSLER has pursued a sustainable product approach from the very beginning. e³ has an injection-molded housing made of recycled plastic, which significantly reduces the amount of aluminum required. The plastic, which is also used in automotive applications, also does not require any environmentally harmful painting or powder coating. This results in much more environmentally friendly manufacturing, significantly easier recyclability, and a more than 60 percent reduction in carbon emissions during production compared to commercial power track spotlights made of powder-coated aluminum.

Increasing efficiency

Modular & Lightweight Design

e³ features an innovative design that focuses on energy efficiency in addition to sustainability. e³ uses smart thermal management, a new high-efficiency OECHSLER Hybrid Optic (OHO) based on high-performance polymers, and the latest high-efficiency LED COBs from leading manufacturers. The result is one of the most powerful, compact and lightweight track spotlights in its performance class for future-proof lighting solutions.

The e³ housing becomes only lukewarm during operation, allowing e³ to be easily aligned without the need for protective gloves, for optimal illumination every time. The highly efficient OECHSLER Hybrid Optics (OHO) consists of a special plastic lens and a lens housing made of highly reflective white plastic. No light from the LED COB is lost. All the light is captured by the optics and emitted in a focused manner. The core light has up to 70% higher illuminance on the target object at the same lumen output compared to the reflector spotlight, making it look more vivid and sharper.

Depending on the power track spotlights previously used, e³ can easily save 30-50% or more in energy costs.

e³ can be configured for almost any application and has a very high range of lumen output from 1,000 to 3,500 lm. e³ is compatible with commercially available three-phase track systems.


Production at highest standards

As an established supplier to the automotive industry, OECHSLER can draw on many years of expertise in the industrialization and series production of products. By producing in Germany, we ensure high scalability, highest product quality, fulfill best possible environmental protection that meets all relevant standards, local component sourcing for a minimal product carbon footprint and reduced transport emissions. With three specialized sites in Germany, OECHSLER ensures highest flexibility, resilient supply chains and extensive production capacities for our customers.

In addition to DIN EN ISO 9001, our German sites are all certified to DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management), DIN EN ISO 50001 (energy management) and IATF16949 (automotive quality management). e³ has been tested and certified by independent test institutes such as VDE and DIAL and holds the internationally renowned ENEC certification. CE conformity has also been confirmed by the VDE.

What our customers say:

"The focus on energy efficiency and carbon footprint exactly meets the pulse of the times."

Made for series production

Sustainability at a glance

e³ - sustainable lighting is your luminous solution for reducing carbon emissions in production and due to energy saving over livetime.

Product Carbon Footprint

Polymer vs Aluminium

Lens vs. Reflector

Product Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint (PCF) of products, confirmed by independent experts, is already standard in some industries. With e³, we want to contribute to establishing this value, which is so important for the environment, in the lighting industry as well. We therefore state our confirmed PCF in the data sheets.

Polymer vs Aluminium

Thanks to OECHSLER's plastics expertise, high-performance plastics were used in the development of the power track spotlights. Engineering thermoplastics enable efficient thermal management and excellent optical properties. Furthermore, unlike aluminum, which requires energy-intensive manufacturing and forming, there is no need for painting or powder coating of housing components. We use recycled or recyclable plastics for a closed-loop system.
This approach has enabled us to reduce CO2 emissions during production by more than 60% (so-called grade to gate consideration). In addition, plastic also offers the advantage that it does not have to be painted or even powder coated. This protects the environment during the production of the housing parts and also makes recycling at the end of the service life much easier, since the paint/powder coating does not have to be removed first, which is harmful to the environment.

Lens vs. Reflector

The light from our OECHSLER Hybrid Optics is more focused. The core light has up to 70% higher illuminance on the target object at the same lumen output compared to the reflector spotlight, making it look more vivid and sharper. Alternatively, one can use the higher illuminance in the core light to further reduce the power consumption of the lighting system, or at least to some extent. With the reflector spotlight, there is a relatively hard shadow edge - a "flashlight effect". With the lens, the light distribution is much more harmonious.


The e3 power track spotlight Made-in-Germany combines sustainable design, smart technology and unparalleled illuminance. For our customers, this results in a high-performance product with a harmonious light pattern, where energy can be saved significantly. With its leading expertise in polymer solutions, OECHSLER offers the highest product quality, a reduced CO2 footprint in manufacturing and resilient supply chains within Europe.

e3 Power Track Spotlight Made-in-Germany

  • > 60% CO2 savings in production
  • 1,000 - 3,500 lm luminous flux
  • Up to 140 lm/W System efficiency

Data sheet

  • OECHSLER Datenblatt e3 pdf 345.5 KB

OECHSLER Datenblatt e3

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EU Declaration of Conformity

  • CE e³ EN pdf 68.0 KB

CE e³ EN

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