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Engineering solutions for comfort and safety

Global market leader for the Electric Parking Brake.

With 180 million products produced over a lifetime, OECHSLER remains the global market leader for the Electric Parking Brake. A comprehensive understanding of innovative technologies and how to bring them into series production is deeply rooted in OECHSLER's DNA, and sparked the development of actuators more than 25 years ago. Today, we operate a broad portfolio, including tailgate locking and mirror positioning. With extensive product experience and engineering solutions, we transform customer ideas into tailor-made actuator solutions to bring more comfort and safety to road cars.

Customized solutions for challenges

Modular construction toolkit

As a turnkey partner with more than 25 years of experience in actuator development, OECHSLER understands that customization has different requirements. Thus, OECHSLER offers solutions for different stages of customization: From off-the-shelf solutions to actuators based on our in-house developed modular construction kit for shorter product development cycles and tailor-made solutions to enhance the functionality of your products.

Reinventing automotive braking systems

Electric Parking Brake

The Electric Parking Brake is one of OECHSLER's most sophisticated products and an integral part of various braking systems available for a variety of vehicle platforms. In 2019, more than 35 percent of newly registered cars worldwide equipped with a parking brake featured an EPB made by OECHSLER - ranking OECHSLER the uncontested global market leader. Our performance spectrum runs from 15 to 50 Nm torque to supply various vehicle sizes.

EPB Success Story

Further actuator applications

Electric Parking Brake

The electronic parking brake was developed more than 25 years ago, more than 6 generations of continuous improvements were implemented, and over 180 million systems were produced later, and is today the most widely used EPB solution in the world.

Mirror Adjuster

End-to-end developed and manufactured mirror adjuster for the automotive industry. This actuator is designed to meet the highest automotive security requirements and quality standards.

Home Appliance Actuator

This product line is specialized in Automatic Door Opening and Closing System actuators for smart home appliances. The actuators have rotatory and push/pull systems, which could be a fit for most home appliances' automatic door opening and closing applications.

Tailgate Actuator

The tailgate actuator is widely used to support motorists in opening and closing the tailgate.

Shaping product excellence

Testing capabilities

We ensure actuator excellence and meet all quality standards in the automotive industry by testing them to the limit – especially towards service lifetime, resistance to external forces, and extreme cold and warm conditions (-40 to 120 degrees Celsius), as well as thermal shocks in the same range in less than five seconds. These results provide essential data for optimizing our applications and are integral to OECHSLER's high product quality.

Local sourcing

Global production network

OECHSLER operates fully automated actuator production at four sites in Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific. In addition to customer benefits in terms of cost and flexibility, we minimize our product carbon footprint through local production. At the same time, the sites ensure the highest level of quality throughout the entire production network. These high standards are validated by 100% EOL testing at all facilities.


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OECHSLER Lipova (Romania)

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OECHSLER Querétaro (Mexico)

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OECHSLER Taicang (China)

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OECHSLER Ansbach (Germany)

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