Open House 2023

Keynotes & Impressions

Open House 2023

From Prototyping to Series Production

OECHSLER held its second annual Open House conference at its Additive Manufacturing facility in Germany.

The event brought together 100 guests including partners, professionals from the additive manufacturing industry, science, engineers, media representatives, and C-level executives. Attendees had the opportunity to network, participate in guided tours through the 3D printing production and listening to presentations by industry experts and customers. The event provided attendees with valuable insights into the AM industry, showcasing the advancements, applications, and potential of Additive Manufacturing.

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Exclusive insights into Additive Manufacturing


Voxelmatters I CEO & Founder

Davide Sher

With it's keynote "Additive Manufacturing Market -Trends and Opportunities" Davide is providing exclusive insights into the current status of the AM industry while revealing a quantitative and qualitative outlook for the next years.

OECHSLER I Head of Program Management

Andreas Knoechel

With it's keynote "From scaled production to individual lot-size-one products" Andreas is showcasing the capabilities at OECHSLER and gives insights how OECHSLER's AM infrastructure not only enables mass production of one product but also supports highly customized products in series production.

Carbon I Product Manager Materials

Keith Kirkwood

With it's keynote "Brighten Up Your World with EPU: The Colorful Future of Materials" Keith is presenting Carbon's upcoming developments, including the ability to mix custom colors of resins for customers, specifically pointing out the ability of making the colors on the printed part look very rich and bright while maintaining the functional characteristics of the material.

SQLab I CEO & Founder

Tobias Hild

With it's keynote "Fahrradsattel Made in Germany - Eine Erfolgsgeschichte" Tobias Hild takes us through the journey from developing a product that prevents health issues to bringing back the entire saddle production from Asia-Pacific to Germany.

HP I Head of Strategy

Ed Davis

With it's keynote "The Right 3D Process for the Right 3D Design" Ed is elaborating on 3D printing as a complementary technology that unfolds its full strength in a hybrid manufacturing concept determined by price per part efficiency. It is a key success factor to combine Additive Manufacturing with conventional injection molding technology in a holistic production framework.

BASF Forward AM I Managing Director

Martin Back

With it's keynote "Collaboration models – sustainability – fast paced change: why this a necessary fit" Martin gives insights how to succeed in today's Additive Manufacturing market environment and how sustainability plays a major role in BASF's  business strategy.

HTrius I CEO & Founder

Dominik Heinzelmann

With it's keynote "3D Printed Paddings for Exoskeletons: Improving Force Distribution and Heat Regulation" Dominik explains how exoskeletons prevent workers from injuries and can drive down costs for employers. He demonstrates how the integration of 3D printed components adds features, functionally supports the application and thus significantly reduce overloads in everyday work.

Knauss Tabbert I Design Engineer

Mario Meszaros

With it's keynote "Wie 3D Druck neue Perspektiven für Wohnmobile eröffnet" Mario is showing us which 3D printing capabilities Knauss Tabbert, one of the leading caravaning manufactures, is currently using while he is also highlighting the applications and potentials  especially for their luxury high-end motorhomes.

Rapid Shape I Sales Director

Karsten Müller

With it's keynote "A 3D Printing Journey Through Different Use Cases" Karsten Müller is providing insights how to achieve a high level of process automation and showcases the different applications which can be manufactured with Additive Manufacturing.


Customer Voices

"Amazing day at OECHSLER Open House day in Germany. Thanks to the team for the invitation and the factory tour! Very eye opening."


"Exciting presentations and great location at the production site. Thanks for the invitation!"


"Besides the great organization and the production tour, another highlight was the insights into additive manufacturing beyond the automotive industry - including caravaning, bicycle equipment and supporting exoskeletons."

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