Open House 2023

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Welcome to the Open House 2023

OECHSLER is opening its doors to the Additive Manufacturing production site in Brodswinden, Germany. Together with our partners we will provide exclusive insights into one of Europe's most modern 3D-printing center, share compelling success stories from our customers and offer an exchange with experts across different industries. 

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Open House 2023

Event at a glance

Full-day event at OECHSLER's Additive Manufacturing site 

  • 25th of May in Brodswinden, Germany
  • Exclusive and limited event for Additive Manufacturing
  • Meet experts from automotive, consumer & sporting, industrial and medical
  • Participation at the event is free of charge

Please be aware that there is only a limited number of seats available.
You only can attend the event with a confirmed registration.

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Meet our Partners

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Production Tours

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Keynote Speeches

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Exhibition Area

Behind the curtain

Guided Production Tours

Our Additive Manufacturing experts provide unprecedented insights into our powder and liquid based production and the customized post-processing infrastructure.  Experience an up and running production environment and get fascinated by the freedom of industrial 3D printing.

Success Stories

Keynote Speeches

The motto of the Open House program is "Additive Manufacturing: From Prototyping to Series Production". The keynote speeches will address individual success stories from clients and partners across different industries. The speakers' contributions will shed light on these key topics: Production, Product Innovation and Sustainability

Bundled Expertise

Exhibition Area

The Open House brings together the entire value chain of the Additive Manufacturing, from material supplier to post-processing provider, and connects experts, exhibitors and adopters. Meet OECHSLER and our partners BASF, Carbon, HP and Rapid Shape and learn more about materials, technologies and products.


Mario Meszaros

Design Engineer

Tobias Hild

CEO & Founder

Dominik Heinzelmann

CEO & Founder

Keith Kirkwood

Product Manager Materials

Ed Davis

Head of Strategy

Andreas Schultheiss


Martin Back

Managing Director

Davide Sher

CEO & Founder

Andreas Knöchel

Head of Program Management


Customer Voices

"It was a great event with interesting presentations and people.
I look forward to the next time!"


"A remarkable event, especially due to the openess to discuss various technologies. Great discussions and a lot of valuable insights, perfectly prepared."


"It was great seeing familiar faces and also meeting new ones. Thanks for all the inspiring and fruitful discussions!"

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