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OECHSLER excels in developing ADAS components by meeting diverse and stringent requirements. Our visually versatile designs, including monochrome and multicolored radomes with depth effects, ensure seamless installation and uphold ADAS sensor performance standards. We provide efficient heating to prevent ice and snow buildup without compromising functionality and ensure transparency to radar and LiDAR frequencies. By minimizing signal attenuation, maintaining wavefront integrity, optimizing material selection, and using cost-effective manufacturing processes, we guarantee seamless integration into automotive assembly lines with stringent quality control. Choose OECHSLER for innovative, reliable, and high-performance ADAS solutions.

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Material Characterization

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Precision Material Evaluation for Optimal ADAS Compatibility

Evaluate a wide range of plastics, paints, and coatings to determine their permittivity, absorption, and transmission properties using specialized measurement systems like the Radome Measurement System. We select materials that offer the desired visual aesthetics while being transparent to the ADAS sensor frequencies.

Efficient Strategies for Enhanced ADAS Radome Performance

Implementation involves several key steps: utilizing full-wave and ray-tracing simulations, such as Ansys HFSS, validated against real sensor measurements, to analyze and optimize radome designs for various ADAS sensors; optimizing heating element design, voltage, material, and spacing to ensure uniform heat distribution and efficient ice melting; assessing material transmission efficiency, surface quality, and wavefront deformation to guarantee LiDAR transparency; exploring integration methods like wire winding or 2D/3D wire deposition for heating elements; implementing radome designs with heating functions while considering sensor polarization, heat flow, and layer structure, and conducting mechanical, thermal, and RF simulations for further optimization.

The validation process for ADAS components involved a series of tests and analyses to ensure performance reliability. Ice melting tests were conducted in-house, monitoring ice clearance over time under specific conditions, confirming complete clearance. Environmental tests, including long-term heating and storage tests, assessed power consumption and visual differences pre and post-test, ensuring functional integrity. Endurance tests subjected components to temperature shocks and visually verified performance consistency. High-frequency validation involved testing radome designs from various manufacturers, evaluating transmission characteristics and radar detection impact, while simulation validation compared real-world results with simulations to optimize models. This comprehensive validation approach ensures ADAS components meet stringent requirements for heating, ice melting, and RF transparency.

OECHSLER offers cutting-edge ADAS components that meet diverse and stringent requirements

  • Versatile Designs: Visually appealing radomes in monochrome and multicolored options with depth effects, ensuring seamless installation behind design panels.
  • Efficient Heating: Advanced heating solutions to prevent ice and snow buildup without compromising sensor functionality.
  • Sensor Transparency: Materials optimized for transparency to specific radar and LiDAR frequencies, ensuring precise sensor performance.
  • Signal Integrity: Minimization of signal attenuation and maintenance of wavefront integrity for accurate readings.
  • Cost-Effective Manufacturing: Optimized material selection and manufacturing processes, such as injection molding, for seamless integration into automotive assembly lines with strict quality control.

Local Production

Global Locations

OECHSLER operates specialized production sites in

  • Europe: Germany, Romania
  • North America: Mexico
  • Asia-Pacific: China
    We offer our customers local production, the best possible flexibility and more resilient supply chains.
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