Innovation drives momentum


The DRIVEMATIC pedelec drive is an example of how OECHSLER paves the way for innovations and turns them into marketable solutions. The first complete transmission actuator "Made in Germany" with integrated three-speed automatic transmission is an innovative and powerful drive system for the e-bike and cargo segment – and an expression of environmentally conscious mobility.

3ve Drivematic – e-bike drive

3ve Drivematic – e-bike drive

3ve Drivematic – e-bike drive integrated in the frame

3ve Drivematic – e-bike drive integrated in the frame

DRIVEMATIC App – for smartwatches and smartphones

DRIVEMATIC App – for smartwatches and smartphones


  • Drive system for e-bike and cargo segment
  • Made in Germany
  • Mid-mounted engine
  • three-speed automatic transmission
  • Bluetooth for smartphone connection and diagnostics
  • Smartphone or smartwatch as an optional display


  • Many years of expertise in drives for the automotive industry and other sectors
  • Automatic, optimized power adjustment of the motor
  • Individual customer wishes can be implemented
  • Robust, self-contained system without external cables and bowden wires
  • Installation-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • Motor support is switched off at low battery level, circuit remains active with 96% efficiency
    • Hysteresis for switch-off at 25 km/h
    • Suitable for chains and toothed belts

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Phone: +49 981 1807-2864

Why come to OECHSLER?

  • International footprint (local for local) – international manufacturing, local delivery
  • Long-standing expertise
  • Extensive electronics and mechanical competence
  • Own tool shop
  • In-house material database
  • Various test possibilities (e.g. performance test benches, environmental/climatic tests, shaker test, noise measurements, melt index, ...)

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