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Components for Vacuum Pumps

OECHSLER components for vacuum pumps apply the right pressure to the brake. Our products, proven over many years, are characterized by maximum precision and low wear. In this way they make a valuable contribution to improved safety on the roads.

Three-part system with wings and end caps

Three-part system with wings and end caps

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum Pumps


  • Vacuum pump blades
    • Injection molded and subsequently machined for maximum precision
    • Three-part system or two-component wings in series
  • End caps
  • Assembly units for check valves
    • High surface quality in the seal area with no burrs
    • Unit assembly with 100% EOL test


  • Precise
  • Wear resistant thanks to tribological materials
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • EOL-tested
  • Tested for breaking loads

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Phone: +49 981 1807-5750

Why come to OECHSLER?

  • International footprint (local for local) – international manufacturing, local delivery
  • Long-standing expertise
  • Extensive electronics and mechanical competence
  • Own tool shop
  • In-house material database
  • Various test possibilities (e.g. performance test benches, environmental/climatic tests, shaker test, noise measurements, melt index, ...)

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