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Additive Manufacturing

Driven by the idea of offering our customers even more flexibility and efficiency in production, OECHSLER relies on additive manufacturing processes. Small lot sizes can thus be realized at reasonable unit costs, as can high-volume series production and complex components. In this way, we offer our customers maximum freedom in design, functional optimization and integration.

Fluid guidance through integrated channels in printed module

Fluid guidance through integrated channels in printed module

Foam substitutes using lattice structures with adapted mechanical properties

Foam substitutes using lattice structures with adapted mechanical properties

Actuator housing

Actuator housing


  • Series production of additive components in large volumes
  • Use of different methods such as Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) or Multi Jet Fusion
  • Direct comparison with internal injection molding production and the associated profitability analysis
  • Component design for additive methods (e.g. fusion of modules and associated assembly savings)
  • Careful selection of suitable method and material (high-temperature materials, soft components etc.)


  • Lattice structures as a substitute for foams
    • Volume saving
    • Mechanical adaptation
    • Customized
  • Component production for innovative products
    • High-precision components, e.g. actuator housings
    • Excellent mechanical properties (comparable to injection molding)
    • Component production on a small-series scale
    • Savings on tool investments in the development process
    • Component design can be tested using data processing systems
  • Product adaptation to customer requirements
  • Component production for innovative products
    • Products with individual character (customized)
    • Individual surfaces, e.g. textures
  • Combination of different materials (hard/soft) possible

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Why come to OECHSLER?

  • International footprint (local for local) – international manufacturing, local delivery
  • Long-standing expertise
  • Extensive electronics and mechanical competence
  • Own tool shop
  • In-house material database
  • Various test possibilities (e.g. performance test benches, environmental/climatic tests, shaker test, noise measurements, melt index, ...)

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