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OECHSLER is a leading and deep-rooted supplier for the sporting and consumer goods industry. Services to customers are based on our profound experience, fascination for our production technologies, and passion for innovation. The longstanding trust of our blue chip customers demonstrates the reliability and performance of OECHSLER.

Some of our Customers

"Comfort, load control, and ventilation are well-established challenges in backpack design. The technology introduced in our Aerorise backpacks has only recently become available and is groundbreaking for the industry. The design is truly impressive from a technical perspective and reinforces our belief that collectively with our partners, we can make a remarkable difference and take the industry a step forward."

Magdalen Hamel
Category Manager Equipment at Jack Wolfskin

Bicycle Saddle

Bicycle saddles manufactured using particle foam. The combination of the injection molding process and the subsequent "Patch PRO" process allows for maximum comfort. The product can be manufactured in Germany thanks to high automation.

Specialized Bike Saddle

The S-Works Romin Evo with Mirror technology has been specially developed for the performance cycling market by the engineering teams of Specialized, Carbon, and OECHSLER. It excels in rider comfort, pelvic stability, and soft tissue health.

Trekking Backpack

Trekking backpacks create an entirely new carrying experience by integrating 3D printed lattice comfort pads. Made of BASF Ultrasint TPU01, it significantly reduces temperature and humidity rise at pressure points.

Riddell Football Helmet

3D-printed lattice can, depending on their structure, also absorb energy. Therefore it is predestined for protective equipment. Our customer Riddell uses this technology for damping elements in football helmets for the American football league.


3D-printed midsoles upgrade your running game: Lattice enables enhanced cushioning and turns vertical force into forwarding motion. Developed in close cooperation with our partner Carbon, they have also been the first product OECHSLER ever ran in additive series production.

Seating Furniture

OECHSLER’s innovative approach to manufacturing seating furniture yields an unprecedented and more comfortable way of cushioning, freedom of design, and high sustainability due to easy recycling of the individual parts.

Knee Pad

STRAUSS is the leading brand for workwear in Europe, and is constantly driving solutions to improve working life for their customers. As a powerhouse of Additive Manufacturing, OECHSLER is the ideal partner to implement these products in series production.

Use Cases

  • Additive Manufacturing

STRAUSS launches sustainable high-tech workwear parts from the 3D printer

STRAUSS teamed up with OECHSLER to rethink existing workwear and manufacture knee pads fully driven by additive manufacturing technology.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Jack Wolfskin Combines Exceptional Padding and Ventilation in Aerorise Backpack

Together with OECHSLER and Carbon, Jack Wolfskin revolutionized the backpack market and delivered a perfect back pad solution.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

TECHART & OECHSLER bring innovative, lightweight seating solutions to racetracks

TECHART and OECHSLER enable superior design and seating comfort for high-performance cars with additively manufactured upholstery.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Bike saddle reimagined

Specialized, Carbon & OECHSLER rethink bike saddles by using latest scientific results and innovative production technologies.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

OECHSLER’s Trekking Backpack - to fill your soul with Wanderlust

We provide sophisticated solutions, based on 20 years of experience in actuator development, prototyping, and manufacturing.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

The innovative Outdoor Backpack - your buddy for sustainable adventures

VAUDE and OECHSLER enable sustainable, technical enhanced products and manufacturing processes on the way to the circular economy.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Award-winning innovation: Additive Manufactured Furniture for unlimited design and functionality

Additive manufacturing opens the door to a new level of product creation in the furniture industry: designable, sustainable & comfortable.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

OECHSLER sets new standards in the sporting goods market with the ski goggle

Additive manufacturing enables production of multi-functional single component solutions, which fulfill ambivalent material characteristics.

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  • Additive Manufacturing

Motorbike Saddle – OECHSLER and Forward AM Put the Smiles Back in the Miles

Lightweight design, air permeability, and increased material stability for greatly improved user comfort on long motorbike rides.

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Our Locations

  • Europe

OECHSLER Brodswinden (Germany)

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  • Asia Pacific

OECHSLER Taicang (China)

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Technology first

Focus on consumer demands

We put technology first and are convinced that progress only can be achieved by rethinking existing patterns and processes. Paving the way for new technologies or incubating innovative technologies from other industries, including the industrialization of unprecedented projects, is anchored in our DNA. That's why we offer our sporting & consumer goods customers a unique set of technologies with which we develop customer-specific solutions. We think outside the box and provide excellence when it comes to cross-technology approaches, including:

  • Polymer Injection Molding
  • Particle Foaming
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Automated Assembly
  • Patch PRO 3D


Customized project setup

Our service portfolio

OECHSLER offers its customers a wide range of development and production services – from ideation to development, industrialization, and series production. The customer can freely define each service's degree according to their specific project's needs and profit from our technical expertise while bringing product know-how. This combination of complementary expertise has been the source of several innovations in the industry.

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Local sourcing

Global production network

OECHSLER operates a global production network with sites in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region for the sporting & consumer goods industry. Our customers benefit from this global footprint in terms of cost, quality, and flexibility. We leverage competitive advantages by minimizing the carbon footprint of our products through local production while ensuring the same quality throughout the entire production network. OECHSLER guarantees strict production standards regarding machinery, equipment, and materials.


Operational excellence

Quality in all respects

OECHSLER has been a supplier to the sporting & consumer goods industry for more than 25 years. This experience substantially benefits our customers regarding process know-how, infrastructure, and product quality. From development to global series production, our quality management system assures standardized operations according to the highest sporting & consumer goods requirements.


Supplier management

Become a Partner

Successful together in partnership - according to this principle, OECHSLER relies on strong supplier relationships. In this way, we secure our long-term competitiveness in all business areas worldwide. Become part of our success, and join us as a partner!

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