Thank you for visiting our Additive Manufacturing Open House.

It was our pleasure to welcoming you at the first-ever OECHSLER Open House have a personal chat with you! We hope you enjoyed experiencing our production site and the first-hand inside into the world of Additive Manufacturing.

To provide you with all required information, please see the recordings of the speeches of OECHSLER and its partners below. For further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Let's recap:

We are happy to provide pictures and make the OECHSLER Open House even more memorable.

Use Cases

The innovative Outdoor Backpack - your buddy for sustainable adventures

Seating experience 2.0

Bike saddle reimagined

OECHSLER's Trekking Backpack - to fill your soul with Wanderlust

Rapid Tooling in the tool making department of OECHSLER AG

Protective Lattice Layer for Cobots

Award-winning innovation: Additive Manufactured Furniture for unlimited design and functionality

OECHSLER sets new standards in the sporting goods market with the ski goggle.

Motorbike Saddle – OECHSLER and Forward AM Put the Smiles Back in the Miles

OECHSLER strengthens technological advantage with the Patch PRO (3D)

For further questions please contact


您可以通过此方式联系我们 +49 981 1807-0


请通过此方式写信给我们 3dprinting(at)



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